Sam Lomen

Sam Lomen It is with a joyful heart that I write this letter to let you know how your gift has helped me to realize and enjoy my time in the outdoors. I am fifty-four years old and have been confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis for the past twenty-seven years; half of my life. I have always been very active in fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities even after my disability with the help of family and friends. I would always look for ways to maximize my efforts to be outdoors; if nothing else just to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Most of my outdoor activities were in the pickup truck or an ATV due to the rough terrain; sometimes I would venture into the wild pushing my wheelchair with some difficulty through soft dirt, rocks, or sand but without a helping hand I wouldn’t get far.

I first came face to face with the Action Trackchair while on an elk hunt in Colorado sponsored by Hunting Buddies. I had the opportunity to use and hunt from the Action Trackstander. Being able to breeze through the aspen forest and rough terrain in search of an elk gave me unspeakable freedom and satisfaction. For the first time since my disability I was able to roam the wild places unassisted by another human being and not in a vehicle.

After my successful hunt I inquired about my own Action Trackchair. I contacted Action Mobility Foundation and applied for a grant; to my great surprise and delight I was approved. I received my own Action Trackchair in January of this year, and took the chair out two weeks ago for a test run through the San Bernardino Mountains. My wife and I along with our two German Short Hair Pointers had a blast. Previously I would drive them to the mountains and wait in the truck while they hiked and explored various hills and canyons, however this time I was right there with them. Saying it felt good would be an understatement; I felt free and satisfied. I was able to follow the dogs in the rough terrain as they searched for quail and rabbits, and the dogs were especially happy to know I was with them. They would scour the countryside for scent and tracks but would turn to make sure I was behind them, and if they didn’t see me, they would search me out and then proceed back to the hunt.

I plan to use my Action Trackchair as often as the Lord gives me the ability to be outdoors. Lord willing I will be going quail and dove hunting in the fall, and maybe even duck hunting if I can find an opportunity. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do and the grant I was awarded. I hope and pray that people with severe disabilities such as mine and those who desire to be in the outdoors will have the opportunity like me to get into one of these wonderful contraptions and with a broad smile, experience the great outdoors! When you, as organizers and donors, see their faces in the photos it will bring a sense of satisfaction, and maybe even a tear in your own eye that you have brought joy into the lives of those who lost the ability that able-bodied individuals sometimes take for granted.

Thank you and God bless you,

Sam Lomen

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