Norma Hofpar

Norma Hofpar Hi, my name is Norma. I lost my right leg and I have a bad knee which makes me sit in a chair most of the time. I used to be stuck at home, on the deck or just on the driveway. I was not able to help with chores, work in the garden or even pick fruit from my orchard, or go to my grandsons’ cross county meets. I couldn’t play outside in the yard with the grandkids. It was getting to me not being able to do things that I liked to do outside. I applied for a grant with the Action Mobility Foundation. I received a wonderful gift when they gave me a grant! I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to receive my chair.

"Oh, how my life has changed!" I am outside with my grandchildren, having fun. I am working on fences with my husband. I even go to cross country meets to watch my grandson run! I’m not stuck just at the finish line. I watch him start the race, cheer him on in the middle of the race and then back to finish line to watch him run his heart out. I take pictures of him during the race because I can move around the course. I am so happy to be doing things outside now! I was even able to go pick wild plums and make jelly this year. It had been a long 4 years since I did anything outside. I am so grateful to the Action Mobility Foundation for helping me get my Action Trackchair.

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