Katie Clower

Katie Clower Our daughter, Katie, is 10 years old and lives with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Her diagnosis has never slowed her down though, in spite of having many surgeries at various times. I was raised in a family of hunters, my husband is into hunting & our oldest son is into hunting. We all love to visit the beach or the mountains to go fishing or camping. As Katie has gotten older, the beach was becoming harder to navigate & her normal power wheelchair just wasn't designed for mountain terrain & definitely not mud or sand. There was just no way! We began to think we were going to have to avoid those areas until we saw the Action Track Chair in action. I thought it sounded like a great idea, but like many, thought it was too good to be true. After discussing it with Katie's therapist, I decided to do a little research. I found the Action Track Chair website & when I checked funding, I came across the Action Track Mobility Foundation. I decided to apply & within a few weeks, they contacted me to let me know she was approved. When we got into contact with All Out Access, they came & brought a chair for her to demo. She was very shy about the whole thing, but after they left, she LOVED it! Katie is in 4-H and already had some money from the sale of her lamb, so we set up a go-fund me account to help with the remaining balance. Within a few short months, the dream became a reality. We have been incredibly blessed with this chair! To take Katie to the beach & watch her have the ability to be mobile in the sand was absolutely amazing! When we took it to the mountains for the first time, she was able to cross the small creek & go off on trails without fear of getting stuck or tipping over. She goes places now that she would not have had the ability to go before. Katie is involved in 4-H & will be showing a lamb at our local fair again this year & she's excited to have her Track Chair give her more ability for that as well. Everyone who sees her Action Track Chair is amazed by it & they think it's amazing that there's something like this out there. We love it & it has made a huge impact in Katie's life & has definitely made the whole family able to do more things together. Thank you so much to the Swenson's for all of your help in this endeavor & for helping us make this dream come true!

God Bless,
Shiloh Clower
(Katie's mom)

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