Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards In February of 2015, I suffered a C7 burst fracture in a swimming accident in Mexico. I received medical care in Mexico for 24 hours. Then we decided it would be best to get back to Minnesota where I could get the medical care I needed. Within hours of landing in Minnesota, I had surgery to repair the fracture. At that time, it was said I had significant bruising of my spinal cord. I spent about 4 months in the hospital before returning home. I am considered a quadriplegic, however, I have great use of my arms and hands. When we first heard about the Action Trackchair, it seemed like the perfect fit. I was very active prior to my accident. I was always outside working in the yard. Recently I received my Action Trackchair and it has given me new found freedom. I can be outside and help with the yard work again. We are looking forward to the winter season so I can get out to hunt again. We cannot thank everyone enough, from the kind people at Action Mobility Foundation, Jackie Fogelson, our family and friends and all the gracious donors on our GoFundMe campaign.

Thanks again,
Jeff Edwards and Dani Murdoff

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