Gerry Knutson

Gerry We would like to thank you for the grant offered to us towards the purchase of my husband’s trackchair. Immediately upon receiving the trackchair my husband’s sense of self seemed to return. After four years of having to just sit and watch everything from a distance, his newfound mobility was a blessing.

Gerry has “tracked” out to personally deliver Christmas goodies to our neighbors and his grin alone was enough to lighten our dark December nights. It was wonderful to be able to go on a walk together with family through the snow around our home.

In July, he proudly tracked out in our community parade while his Dad’s WWII uniform was honored on our church float. Summer found him outside tinkering with his trackchair trailer, attacking the weeds and watering the garden, and once again being the king of his castle out doing “guy things”.

He can hardly wait to take his family to see Alaska and to get back down to the fishing hole in Homer. Then we will be off to revisit some favorite camping spots of this wonderful spot we call home.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the opportunity and blessing of being able to enjoy the new normal of our lives.

Gerry and Cindy Knutson

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