Dustin Bourdeau

Dustin I would like to thank the Action Mobility Foundation for the grant that allowed me to purchase an Action Trackchair for my son Dustin.

On March 30th, 2005 when Dustin was 28 years old he was in a horrible vehicle accident. Two set of First Responders arrived at the scene. The 1st set pronounced him dead at the scene and called the coroner. The 2nd set found a pulse and called med-flight. Dustin spent 59 days in a coma at the Trauma Life Center at the UW Hospital in Madison, WI. Dustin finally opened his eyes and over the next year progressed enough to talk, feed himself and get on with his life. He now lives in a group home with 3 other roommates and 2 staff. The accident left Dustin with a brain injury and no balance. Dustin can stand if he can keep holding on to something - as soon as he lets go he would fall to the ground.

Before the accident Dustin loved to hunt and fish. There was a time during his recovery I thought Dustin would never do these things again. Then we saw a Trackchair. We first saw it during a demonstration at a day center for the disabled. We fell in love immediately. The problem was affordability. On your website I found an application for an Action Mobility Foundation grant. Thanks again for providing this grant allowing us to purchase an Action Trackchair. We've had it out a few times and it more than meets our expectations. Looking forward to this fall when we can get out hunting.

Thanks Again!
Chuck Bourdeau ( Dustin's Dad )

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