Denis Lemay

Denis Lemay I am 59 years old and have been married 38 years. I fell off staging and broke my neck in 2007. I tried an Action Trackchair a few years ago and I loved it! Having a handicap minivan there was no way I could transport it. I kept the brochure around for a few years with me and showed it to people and said, “I am going to have one of these someday.”

Last spring, I noticed that my brother-in-law Don Boucher, started a Go Fund Me page to help me get back outdoors. At the same time, Action Manufacturing was introducing a new, narrower design trackchair that would fit in my van. I went and tried it out with Corey Chappell from Chappell Tractor in Milford, NH who is an Action Trackchair distributor.

The idea of different possibilities and opportunities started going through my head. After going on the Action Mobility Foundation website on Monday, I noticed that there was an online grant application for help to finance the trackchair. I filled it out but thought that was the last I would probably hear about it. That afternoon I got an email from Donna Swenson at the Action Mobiity Foundation and she said they were going to review the application on Friday and they’d let me know their decision. Friday afternoon, I got an email saying that I was awarded a grant! Between the grant, the gofundme page, the discount from Chappell Tractor, a donation from Danny’s Team (a nonprofit organization), Don Boucher, and other friends and family, my dream came true!

This summer we had a lot of fun going fishing, hiking, and biking with 2 of my grandchildren of whom we have guardianship. On opening day of archery season in New Hampshire, I was in the woods for only about half an hour and was hooking the deer up to the back of my trackchair to drag out! Oh what a feeling!! After that, I had many more good days in the woods hunting until the end of the season. I tried the chair in the snow where none of my other chairs would ever go! God bless everyone that helped make these memories happen.

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