Bryan B

Bryan B I sustained a T-6 complete spinal cord injury in July of 2010. I have been limited with outdoor mobility and opportunities since my injury. Being an avid outdoorsman, it has been difficult having my outdoor activities limited and not being able to function outdoors independently. I would often come across situations where I was unable to partake in what friends and family are doing because of the terrain. Since I've had the Action Track Chair I have been mobile in terrain that I was previously unable to get through. I have been able to go on beaches, through mud, and through the woods all while being able to stand. I'm not left sitting on the edge of difficulty terrain anymore while others pass through it. Standing with the chair was my first time in several years and I make it a point to get out daily to spend time standing upright to reduce pain and spasticity. The Action Track has truly changed my life and has enabled me to do so much more without always worrying about getting stuck or stranded somewhere. Weather is never a concern for me and the harsh Michigan winters don't leave me stuck inside for months until the snow melts anymore. I am able to hunt independently, track, and drag out game on my own now. I have been able to access several places that I haven't been able to get to since before my injury.

Thank you for everything!

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